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п»їSources expertise:

Intuition; quick and ready insight that is not based on logical thought Revelation; insight that comes from a higher electricity

Common sense; refers to opinions that are widely held because that they seem so obliviously correct, though in most cases they are often wrong Authority; someone supposed to possess a special knowledge that other people don't have Tradition; routine or opinion passed down having a society or perhaps from a generation to a new Anecdotes; short tale of a personal encounter incident

Reason; applying logic

Testing knowledge comes from the experience of our detects and observation

Methods of development:

The technique of producing the necessities of life (whether for wellness, food, enclosure or requirements such as education, science, nurturing, etc . ).

Diverse Schools of thought


Traditional economists hold that prices, wages and rates are flexible and markets always clear. Because there is no joblessness, growth is determined by the supply of production elements. (Other economic analysts built on Smith's operate to firm up classical financial theory. For much more, see Hersker Smith: The daddy Of Economics. )


Keynesian economics was mainly founded on the basis of the performs of David Maynard Keynes. Keynesians concentrate on aggregate demand as the main factor in concerns like lack of employment and the business cycle. Keynesian economists think that the business circuit can be handled by lively government intervention through money policy (spending more in recessions to stimulate demand) and economic policy (stimulating demand with lower rates). Keynesian those who claim to know the most about finance also believe that there are certain rigidities in the system, particularly " sticky" income and prices that prevent the proper clearing of supply and demand.


Neoclassical economics assumes that individuals have rational expectations and then try to maximize their particular utility. This school presumes that people work independently on the basis of all the information...