Payroll System Essay

Payroll Program

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Task Context

The Computers provide convenience to its user through the much easier and quicker way of documenting information. People nowadays live in an data age based upon digital info. Digital Information is electronic digital information, the consequence of computer digesting. Every type of job relies upon obtaining information, using it, managing that, and communicating information in front of large audiences. Computers allow the effective processing and storage details. The employed of the manual processes available has decrease since the go up of digital and automated systems. And fact, nowadays, the use of computer-based business program has become common al throughout the developed and developing countries around the word due to the increased productivity and efficiency in the data. Just about every small business owner works more than one part for his company. One of the important duties in managing a small business is completing salaries. Employees must be able to count on being paid on a consistent basis with out delays. Salaries affects just about every aspects of a small business from the morale of staff to the monetary stability of the company. To be able to pay all their employees pertaining to services rendered, employers need to devise a payroll program. Through this technique the employer works payroll control, which should be done in a timely and correct manner to ensure employees get their paydays accordingly. The payroll program involves everything that has to do with the payment of employees plus the filing of В­employment income taxes. This includes monitoring hours, calculatingВ wages, withholding taxation and otherВ deductions, printing and delivering inspections and having to pay employment taxation to the govt is entirely up the workplace.

Objectives with the study

This study aimed to determine the effectiveness and reliability of Payroll Program for Racal Motor Product sales Corporation. This study will be better the uniformity of Payroll System of Racal Motor Product sales Corporation.

Specifically, its aspires are as follows:

To minimize the manual looking at of each daily time documents.

To keep and generate accurate reports on employee's cash flow. To successfully assess and monitor the status of employee's mortgage and other rebates such as cash loan and expenses. Purpose and description from the study

The Payroll Program aimed to enhance the consistency of management prep. This study could be beneficial to the employee and to the managing of Racal Motor Revenue Corporation in such a way that the system supplies organized and computerized data of the employee's income. This technique will also help to improve the manual checking of employee's record. Scope and Limitation

This system will only be used for Payroll transactions by Racal Motor unit Sales Firm. This system will take care of the process of setting up the salary of the staff, monitors loans, cash advances. Keeping the records and simply compute the essential pay, standard overtime pay out, special and legal getaway pay, Gross pay, Net pay, SSS, Pag-ibig and Phil Wellness Contributions and also other deductions.



This section indicates the ideas tightly related to the present controlled by other research and is in short , discussed to supply the foundation in the proposed program. In order to develop a new technique and homes, careful overview of literature and studies should be done for the development of the system. Racal Motor Revenue Corporation

Racal Motor Revenue Corporation is among the manufacturer and dealer of motor vehicles inside the Philippines. It can be owned and managed by simply Mr. Erwin Racal. Their Mission should be to ensure the entire customer satisfaction while using provision of top quality, progressive, yet cost-effective products. They produce and keep well-trained and highly fully commited employees through continuous developmental programs. Give Environment friendly way of transportation to get the creation of career...