Wear Bosco organised its very much awaited event-Voice of DBA-Solo Singing Competition for classes 3 to 12. The competition was divided in parts that is, for classes 3 to 5, to get 6- eight, for 9 and 15 and for eleven and 12. But thankfully the event intended for classes 9 and 10 and 11 and doze was held jointly. I felt excited as now I may listen to my favourite singer -- Joel T Varghese. Various singers arrived and sung melodiously but when the Joel's name was announced, the atmosphere of the auditorium transformed to liveliness. Applauses and hoots of students ran through the auditorium. Joel had won the best single singer's honor in Bosco Fiesta 2014, so there were great desires for him becoming the winner of the competition. And then the lines called in my years- Lately I have had the strangest sense,

With no vivid reasons here to find……………

Silence propagate all over the auditorium and we all listened calmly and appreciated it greatly. This song was sung by Joel in Bosco Fiesta 2014 for which this individual bagged the first prize. Ability to easily change and maintain pitch, solid lungs, and generally, a lot of talent in auditory recollection are the characteristics that a very good singer has and no question that Joel is one of those good vocalists. His capacity to capture attention of the target audience through his voice turns into a model for the Bosconians. His song concluded and so do my joy. I was captivated me and spellbound by Joel's song. The case was the identical to when Bill was amazed by the reaper's song. Results were not announced but I have a strong sense that Joel will tote the initial prize inside the competition pertaining to he is THE TRUE VOICE OF DBA.