Jamel McBean s NET 240 Chp 8 Design Scenario Essay

Jamel McBean s NET 240 Chp 8 Style Scenario


Jamel McBean Consulting LLC.

Client: ElectroMyCycle

Date: 6/19/15

Project: Net 240 Design Scenario Part 8

1 . What are ElectroMyCycle's most important assets that must be shielded with reliability mechanisms?





The Physical Building

2 . What are the biggest protection risks that ElectroMyCycle faces? The biggest hazards are via tech savvy vendors and customers making use of a 2 attack amidst other types of attacks and internal non – compliance. VPN's also can cause a viable danger if compromised. Wireless network, server facilities, etc .

3. Design and style a high-level security policy for ElectroMyCycle.

Purpose: This kind of document identifies a required minimal reliability configuration for a lot of routers and switches hooking up to a production network or perhaps used in a production capacity at or perhaps on behalf of ElectroMyCycle Scope: Most employees, installers, consultants, non permanent and other staff at Cisco and its subsidiaries must stick to this coverage. All routers and buttons connected to ElectroMyCycle production sites are afflicted. Policy:

The enable password on the router or perhaps switch has to be kept within a secure encrypted form. The router or perhaps switch must have the allow password set to the current creation router/switch password from the device's support corporation. The following companies or features must be incapable:

TCP tiny services

UDP small services

All source routing and switching

Almost all web services running upon router

Cisco discovery protocol on Internet connected interfaces

Telnet, FTP, and HTTP solutions


The following services should be configured:

NTP configured into a corporate normal source


All course-plotting updates will be done using secure routing updates. Get control email lists must be used to limit the origin and sort of traffic that may terminate on the device on its own. Access control lists pertaining to transiting these devices are to be added as business needs arise. Every router...