Personality Effect Essay

Individuality Impact

Character Impact

Daniel Buress


October 6th, 2014

Tina Emrich

Individuality Impact

Very rarely therefore we take share in our personal well-being in the workplace and even less time is invested in determining in the event that our personas fit within the expected model of behavior that may be expected with the organization which is why we are part of. Occasionally it is good to sit back and show at one self and know what your nature are and if they coincide with your desired goals. According to Wan Ismail and Awadh (2011), character can be a deciding factor in one's job efficiency. Further studies have shown that personality distinguishes one person from another (Beer & Creeks, 2011) and this personality traits stay steady and stable through ones job life (Myers, 1998). To be able to understand your own nature is important to unlocking your own job satisfaction needs and management and supervision abilities. My own, personal Findings

There usually seems to be some difficulty in choosing personality forms. I have used several in my years. From the Myers-Briggs to simple in-text assessments like the ones we were tasked with in preparation just for this summary, I have a hard time feeling as if My spouse and i am answering the questions honestly. I've also found that my disposition and feelings at the time significantly affect my answers. In general I wasn't completely amazed by my own results in this assessment. This kind of assessment scored extraversion or positive affectivity, neuroticism or perhaps negative affectivity, and levels of agreeableness, conscientiousness, and kinds openness to see. According to the examination, I obtained high in extraversion and lower in neuroticism, which is in line with the way in which I traditionally feel about lifestyle and operate general. We am usually of fairly happy demeanor and attitude and make an attempt to exude that feelings in front of large audiences in an attempt to take peace and cooperation in the workplace. This may not be to say that we...

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