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Issue: How good are the competitive forces inside the furniture manufacturing industry? Do a five-forces examination to support the answer. Response: Although Herman Miller business is one of the most significant office furniture suppliers in the world, this competes with several suppliers that have higher resources and sales and many smaller sized companies. In the United States, the company's most important competitors happen to be Haworth, HNI Corporation, Kimball International, Knoll, and Steelcase. Five forces analysis

Intensity of competition

The office household furniture manufacturing industry market in the United States is very competitive since many corporations offering identical products. Businesses compete generally on value, product and service top quality, differentiation, design and style, speed of delivery and customer service. Companies compete within just each marketplace segment and are pressured simply by growing competition from abroad manufacturers especially from China and Vietnam. 6 manufacturers-Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, HNI, Kimball International and Knoll-account for about 60% of the U. H. office furniture marketplace. The remainder with the market is captured by a numerous small and independently owned businesses that efficiently supply the neighborhood community's selling demand. The best number of existing companies certainly shaped the landscape with the Chinese industry competition. Furniture manufacturing sector concentration has grown in last couple of years because many operators have gone bankrupt. Following the recession of US overall economy, high joblessness rates, have created an extremely competitive environment for existing players; confronted with low margins and risky input costs, many underperforming operators had been forced to get out of the market. Nevertheless , as the economy will recover, demand for new office furniture can be expected to boost, expanding the number of companies above the five years to 2016.

In conclusion, the intensity of rivalry is definitely moderately high....