Essay regarding Existentialism: American Beauty

Existentialism: American Beauty

Existentialism: American Splendor

American Beauty is a film that sets in suburban America. The story is around Lester, which is a middle-aged writer working in a mag company. He was having a midlife crisis in which he felt depressed and numbed by constant unchanging program of his everyday life. In the movie, his wife described as a powerful real estate agent, but she was also going through her personal midlife problems in both equally her job and personal your life. Lester's child, Jane Bumham had alone her father and mother and was going through puberty. They have a new neighbor who may be a U. S. Sea Corps Colonel Frank Fitts, and he has a son, Ricky Fitts, who is a drug dealer. Lester was going to get fired from his company that he had performed for 18 year. Lester managed to cut a deal by simply threatening the manager to offer him a year's well worth of wage or else he'd distribute the gossip information, which would sabotage the company. One day, this individual and his partner went to see their young one's cheerleading party and during the performance Lester saw Jane's friend Angela Hayes. Then he starts having fantasies of her. On the other hand, his partner was likewise having an affair having a successful colleague. Disregarding his wife's life, Lester began to make changes in his life after ability to hear Angela complimented him and suggested that if this individual worked out, she would like him even more. Consequently , he started working out after becoming fired coming from his work, and got a brand new job by a fast meals restaurant. During work, he found that his partner was having an affair and this individual asked her for a divorce. On the other hand, the marine corporal, Frank, provides trust issues with his child, since Ricky had a good using medications (smoking weed). One day, Honest starts to acquire suspicious about Ricky's actions. Then when Lester called Ough to get more weed, Frank saw them obtaining together within a room. He thought that we were holding sexually included. In reality, they were just cigarette smoking weed. The moment Ricky went home, Honest abused him and mistakenly believed that he was homosexual, which brought on him to kick Ough out of the house. Therefore Ricky decided to ask Anne to runaway with him to Ny. At the same time, when ever Lester and Angela was getting intimate with each other, the girl suddenly confessed that she was a virgin. Lester noticed that he really should not be taking advantage of her and Angela started sobbing, so this individual comforted her. After the event, both of them fused and shared their concerns. On the last scene of the movie, this showed Lester holding a well used picture of his friends and family reminiscing days gone by then Frank suddenly appeared with a weapon and shot him.

The movie, American Beauty, pictured many existential themes via philosophers like Franz Kafka, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jean-Paul Sartre. In the beginning of the motion picture, Lester shows he were living like a useless man. This individual goes through precisely the same routine day-to-day, which is a lot like Franz Kafka's character Gregor Samsa inside the short account " Metamorphosis”. Before Gregor's transformation into a metamorphosis, he was a salesman for a long period of your time where he believed that acquired lost his character, goals and even estranged himself from his family members. Lester and Gregor possess committed themselves to the culture, which induced them to always be alienated by their families. At first of the movie, Lester's daughter critiqued her father as being a " loser” and his partner also appeared down on him. Gregor got similar conditions, he was as well alienated since his task required him to travel, and for that reason, he could not spend time with his family. In accordance to Kafka, one has to go through alienation because that awakens us to blossom to a new lifestyle. He thinks that an specific have to balance themselves among individuality and society. Though Gregor's alteration gave him a new existence, it was too late for him to live to get himself. However, Lester was lucky enough to appreciate the change if he heard Angela's suggestion to get fit. This kind of tip encouraged Lester to adjust his lifeless...