Evaluation of Visual Environment Research Conventional paper

Evaluation of Visual Environment

Evaluation of Visual Environment

Illumination has always been playing a significant role in architectural research. Through illumination design, executive space can be utilised and gained more experience functionally and effectively. Over the years, interior lamps system has no longer become limited to illumination. To a certain extent, light may present a sense of space and adjust people's understanding of it. If the architectural space is designed to demonstrate interaction with individuals, then home illumination, specifically electric light, would be the link that designers shall not ignore. The visual environment of one cocktail lounge in the city has been selected as the main place for this evaluation, because of its public effect and exclusive lighting ambiance.

The experience was conducted on a weekday at dusk, when there was small direct daylight that might affect the interior place. Upon coming into, the tasteful atmosphere uncovers its best design for individuals who wish to loosen up after a extended day job or whom come for people who do buiness discussion. A glass has been employed as one of the main materials in this area, giving a selection of how mild travels.

The key source of the light comes from the luminaire at the top ceiling completely along the blood flow.

At first glance, surfaces with cool color showed its solemn nature, but high reflectance made light rays travel and leisure more brilliant. The four sides of the wall really are a patchwork of marble with dark blue and white colored stripes decorated and mosaicked inside. Wall membrane lamps happen to be attached within the upper part along the roof moulding, brightening the substantial reflectance substance.

According to oscillation and wave theory, light acts both in a wave-like and particle mild manner. How visible light interacts with an object is dependent upon the frequency of light and the characteristics of the particles of the thing. The surface quality appears transparent on the low surface, permitting light to refract amongst glass snacks before highlighting back. Isolated light...